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October 6 - October 27, 2021

Welcome Strategic Energy Management Participants


Hello Commercial SEM Energy Teams! The People’s Ecochallenge is a great way to engage staff, students, faculty, and/or building occupants, even if they are working from home. The People’s Ecochallenge is an annual 21-day challenge hosted by and co-sponsored by Energy Trust of Oregon. During this three-week challenge participants commit to Actions that make a positive environmental and social impact. Teams compete to see who can complete the most actions and have the greatest positive impact. This year, the Ecochallenge runs from October 6th – 27th.

If you have additional questions about the challenge check out the Ecochallenge FAQ page.

Let’s Get Started – How to Sign Up and Create a Team

Step 1: Click the JOIN button here or anywhere on the People’s Ecochallenge website.

Step 2: Create your People’s Ecochallenge user account. After you enter basic contact and demographic information – you arrive on a page that is titled “Create or join a team”.

Step 3: Create your Ecochallenge team. We recommend the following naming convention, “Company Name – SEM Energy Team.” In the “Organization or School” dropdown menu, make sure to choose “Energy Trust Commercial Strategic Energy Management” (see image below). If someone else from your company / organization has already created your People’s Ecochallenge team you would click on “Join an existing team.”

A photo of the team creation form indicating users should select the “Energy Trust Commercial Strategic Energy Management” team

Step 4: Invite colleagues to join your team! Once your team is created, you can direct colleagues to your team page URL, use the referral link, or use the direct invite option from your team’s page to get people to join.

A photo of the invite teammates page.

Create and Manage Actions

Actions are simple activities that participants commit to throughout the Ecochallenge. We recommend each person aims for 1-3 Daily Actions and 4-6 One-Time Actions.

Image showing four of the actions included in the energy category of The People's Ecochallenge (Online Energy Audit, Turn it Off, Switch to Cold Water, Replace Manual Thermostats

Step 1: Navigate to your Dashboard and click the “Manage Actions” button on the left side navigation bar.

Step 2: Choose if you will assign the Action to yourself or your whole team

Step 3: Choose an Action category – we recommend focusing on “Energy” category actions!

Step 4: Select an Action OR scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose “Create a Custom Action.”

Image showing the energy action category page and specifically pointing out the ability to select actions for 'yourself' or 'your team' at the top of the page.

Custom Energy Action Ideas

Here are some ideas for custom energy actions that you can create for yourself and your teammates to support your SEM efforts. You can use these or create your own based on your opportunity register. Many of these activities can be done at home or the office.

  • Turn off monitors when away from my desks and turn off at night
  • Turn off lights when leaving a room or walking by an unused room
  • Change computer settings to dark mode
  • Schedule / perform a “night flush” (providing outside air into the space) if weather allows
  • Effectively use blinds to reduce solar heat gain
  • Add timers to equipment so that they turn off at certain hours of the day
  • Identify and upgrade all non-LED lights (incandescent, CFLs, low/high pressure sodium, etc.) to LED
  • Adjust AC and/or heating temperature set points (increase cooling temperature and lower heating temperature)
  • Turn printers to power saving mode
  • Install a smart strip at desk and plug in all of your electronics
  • Track energy use for the month using a Kill-A-Watt rented from the Tool Lending Library
  • Remove space heaters and personal appliances from cubicle / office
  • Evaluate the location of occupancy sensors

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