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October 6 - October 27, 2021



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 49 Name: Institute for Shipboard Education Teams: Semester at Sea teammates: 12 Total Points: 2598  
Rank: 75 Name: Indigo Program Teams: Indigo PTA Board teammates: 6 Total Points: 915  
Rank: 7 Name: Idaho National Laboratory Teams: EcoINL Pocatello Peeps teammates: 78 Total Points: 25917  
Rank: 114 Name: HyperX Teams: HyperX APAC teammates: 1 Total Points: 15  
Rank: 1 Name: HP Inc. Teams: ECEI WCHP Hijau suzie Stay Active HP ACS The5Rs Turtle CHAWAIS Eco2021 HP ECO CDMX/MTY EcoGBDMs HP CREWS HP In AU HP Global Legal Affairs HPMM Swe iMPS GTM PSSW POA Salam Cw SCOAH - OM Team AHS TechKnow Be Better HP FinancEco SHINe ANZ Gen 5 HPMM Girl Power Greenworld HP Denmark HP Finance HP IND-Sבן HP Get Healthy Giving Back HP CMIT CPM HP Colombia CTO & HP Labs HyperX EMEA Megha Suyal One for one Bike to Work Green Prague HP Marketing PIB Services Team Awesome West Roundup HP Inc Houston SPPT Barcelona Sustainable HR HP Coloradans HP Supply Chain AMS Global Tier1 HP Customer Support Everything Helps GA Market SC OPS HP Inc. Rainbow Warriors TC Print Quality Todd Krauss - DSDO HP West is the Best HP Amplify Impact HP Human Resources The Come back team !! WW 3D Supply Chain HP Personal Systems KOGILAN SUBRAMANIAM HP Corporate Affairs HP Infinite Supplies HyperX Services EMEA PIB Guadalajara Team HP Transformation Org HP CR CCC Team HP Government Relations HP Inc Custom Champions Global Functions Finance HP Instant Ink San Diego HP IL printing technology Sustentabilidad HP México HP Commercial Organization HP Strategy & Incubation The Infocenter World Savers HP Imaging, Printing & Solutions HP CS Learning Enablement Team HP Digital Direct ECOmmerce Crushers HP Personalization & Industrial Business HP India teammates: 1042 Total Points: 193015  
Rank: 106 Name: HPInc Teams: North Riders teammates: 4 Total Points: 78  
Rank: 26 Name: Hennebery Eddy Architects Teams: Hennebery Eddy Architects teammates: 40 Total Points: 8754  
Rank: 35 Name: HealthPartners Teams: HealthPartners Sustainability Team teammates: 32 Total Points: 5315  
Rank: 55 Name: Harper College Teams: Bio 104 Fall 2021 teammates: 9 Total Points: 2023  
Rank: 56 Name: Green Team Community Teams: 2021 People Eco Challenge - Oct 6 to Oct 27 teammates: 14 Total Points: 1953  
Rank: 30 Name: Green Dinosaur, Inc. Teams: Green Dinosaur teammates: 8 Total Points: 6231  
Rank: 6 Name: Green Cities Teams: EMME STRATA Xavier The Eddy Bower Boston Green Cities The 5 MLK Team Neponset Landing Prescott Apartments 420 E Ohio Apartments teammates: 123 Total Points: 28716  
Rank: 62 Name: Government Teams: UmatillaCounty teammates: 7 Total Points: 1310  
Rank: 22 Name: Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette Teams: GICW- HR- SEM Energy Team GICW- OPERATION -SEM Energy Team GICW- JC & VOC- SEM Energy Team GICW- Marketing- SEM Energy Team teammates: 20 Total Points: 11804  
Rank: 114 Name: Gensler Teams: Gensler teammates: 1 Total Points: 15  
Rank: 102 Name: FXB USA Teams: FXB Climate Advocates teammates: 3 Total Points: 109  
Rank: 114 Name: Freightliner Teams: Freightliner Custom Chassis teammates: 1 Total Points: 15  
Rank: 109 Name: Fraser Valley Climate Action Teams: Fraser Valley teammates: 2 Total Points: 46  
Rank: 93 Name: Foster Powell Neighborhood Association Teams: Foster Powell Neighborhood teammates: 3 Total Points: 205  
Rank: 12 Name: First Horizon Teams: First Horizon teammates: 77 Total Points: 18291  
Rank: 99 Name: Family and friends Teams: Europe Whole Earth Kopperskogen HP Media speng My Environment teammates: 7 Total Points: 136  
Rank: 38 Name: Faith Communities Go Green under Green Umbrella Teams: Cincinnati Area Faith Communities Go Green (FCGG) teammates: 25 Total Points: 5051  
Rank: 20 Name: Exelon Baltimore EcoTeam Teams: Zebras SPMPO Team CES Team - Concerned Environmental Stewards Ricks Team EcoWarriors - EcoTeam Renewable Energy FAN CLUB ECO Challenge Baltimore - BGE RMPU Gas Business Support Eco Challenge teammates: 37 Total Points: 12122  
Rank: 16 Name: Erstad Architects Teams: Red-ucers Blue Ninjas teammates: 36 Total Points: 13265  
Rank: 3 Name: Energy Trust Commercial Strategic Energy Management Teams: COCC SEM Test NW Natural Energy Coaches Wildhorse CARES Hyster-Yale~ CBDC Multnomah County Port of Portland Lane Community College Umatilla School District Elephants - SEM Energy Team and Friends Oregon Dept. of Corrections ODF Facilities - SEM Energy Team Bend Park and Recreation District Corvallis School District – SEM Energy Team teammates: 202 Total Points: 48838  
Rank: 89 Name: Ecology Action Center Teams: Friends of the Ecology Action Center teammates: 2 Total Points: 247  
Rank: 9 Name: Teams: Community Team teammates: 192 Total Points: 19147  
Rank: 67 Name: Dormitory Authority of the State of NY Teams: DASNY Sustainability Squad teammates: 4 Total Points: 1149  
Rank: 53 Name: Detroit Zoological Society Teams: Detroit Zoological Society teammates: 13 Total Points: 2200  
Rank: 2 Name: Delran Middle School Teams: Delran Middle School teammates: 233 Total Points: 75058