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October 6 - October 27, 2021
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October 6 - October 27, 2021

Team Shift

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Join thousands of committed individuals and groups from around the globe to be a part of this October's People’s Ecochallenge, an annual 21-day program promoting environmental actions and social engagement. Join our team where you can learn, take action, and gain community support. Take action steps that are aligned with your own values … while practicing and reinforcing healthy sustainable habits. The People's Ecochallenge harmonizes individual and collective action, creates new collaborations around the world and hosts some friendly competition … all for a better shared future. Register NOW and join your team of choice! See you there!

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  • September 21 at 12:37 PM
    I'm so glad to participate in this EcoChallenge, something near and dear to my heart! Each year for the past 5 years I've been challenging myself to grow more and more of my own food, and share the harvest with friends and family.  This year with the help of family has been the best harvest so far. We also trade with neighbors for fresh eggs. 
  • September 20 at 4:05 PM
    Really excited for this! I love to live as eco friendly as possible, but I feel like the pandemic has brought down my commitment a bit (less reusable cups brought to the coffee shops, more takeout than dine-in. etc) so I'm generating way more waste than I had been previously which I'm not happy about. I love having group accountability towards...
  • September 20 at 3:43 PM
    I live in an HOA community and they requested that we replant one of our external-facing landscaping areas. We made a decision to plant native plants that do not require a lot of water in order to conserve water. And we recently made the switch to walk to the store nearby instead of drive our car when we can. These are very small changes, but...
  • September 20 at 2:11 PM
    I'm planning to use this challenge to turn my 'sometimes' habits into regular practices. For example, "Earthing" - ever since I learned that rubber-soled shoes (and lots of aspects of modern life) inhibit our electrical exchange with the earth, I try to be barefoot on the earth for at least 15 minutes. I've done this periodically, but...
  • September 9 at 3:21 PM
    I'm excited to be a part of this year's EcoChallenge... to take the "big picture" ideas I have about sustainability and match them with specific actions aligned with my values. I'm excited to focus this month on spending more time in nature, planting trees, and examining my purchases for what I "WANT" versus what I truly...
  • September 9 at 12:29 PM
    Welcome to our team! We are so happy that you've decided to join this collective effort to create greater sustainability and social change... along with others who support the work of The Shift Network and Tree Sisters. Please make yourself a note to come back to our team feed on a daily basis from October 6-27th. We'll be sharing information...

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