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October 7 - October 28, 2020



We’re better together. Explore the teams below that are committed to collective impact.

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Rank Team Organization Members Total Points  
Rank: 1 Team: HP PUERTO RICO organization: HP Inc. members: 105 Total Points: 99876  
Rank: Team: HP Inc India organization: HP Inc. members: 717 Total Points: 73473  
Rank: 3 Team: Delran Middle School organization: Delran Middle School members: 213 Total Points: 51403  
Rank: 4 Team: The Hartford Environmental Action Team organization: The Hartford members: 146 Total Points: 30539  
Rank: 5 Team: Starbucks Coffee Company organization: members: 171 Total Points: 25935  
Rank: Team: HP Guadalajara organization: HP Inc. members: 155 Total Points: 23653  
Rank: 7 Team: SU Sustainability Warriors organization: Susquehanna University members: 70 Total Points: 23260  
Rank: Team: CLEAResult organization: CLEAResult Consulting, Inc members: 101 Total Points: 22560  
Rank: 9 Team: Community Team organization: members: 379 Total Points: 21641  
Rank: 10 Team: HP Costa Rica organization: HP Inc. members: 64 Total Points: 21330  
Rank: Team: HP Wrocław Eco Heroes organization: HP Inc. members: 66 Total Points: 21042  
Rank: 12 Team: Columbia Bank organization: Columbia Bank members: 96 Total Points: 20639  
Rank: 13 Team: Comerica Bank organization: Comerica Bank members: 147 Total Points: 17932  
Rank: 14 Team: KEEN HQ organization: KEEN, Inc. members: 58 Total Points: 17335  
Rank: 15 Team: EcoINL organization: Idaho National Laboratory members: 68 Total Points: 17323  
Rank: 16 Team: PCC EcoPanthers organization: Portland Community College members: 62 Total Points: 15600  
Rank: Team: HP HR Global Services organization: HP Inc. members: 50 Total Points: 14107  
Rank: 18 Team: Hennebery Eddy Architects organization: Hennebery Eddy Architects, Inc. members: 46 Total Points: 13513  
Rank: 19 Team: HP Singapore organization: HP Inc. members: 64 Total Points: 12002  
Rank: 20 Team: HP Vancouver USA organization: HP Inc. members: 25 Total Points: 11953  
Rank: 21 Team: HP Boise organization: HP Inc. members: 71 Total Points: 11774  
Rank: Team: Turning Point School Community Leadership organization: Turning Point School members: 61 Total Points: 11483  
Rank: 23 Team: OSU Sustainable Communities organization: Oregon State University members: 50 Total Points: 11232  
Rank: 24 Team: PCC SOC 228 - Environmental Sociology organization: Portland Community College members: 30 Total Points: 10786  
Rank: Team: Turning Point School - 7th Grade organization: Turning Point School members: 29 Total Points: 10691  
Rank: Team: HP Bulgaria organization: HP Inc. members: 45 Total Points: 10411  
Rank: Team: West Campus Green Team organization: West Campus High School members: 85 Total Points: 10262  
Rank: Team: All Reps organization: All 3form Companies members: 48 Total Points: 10142  
Rank: Team: KCIA Green Team organization: Sacramento City Unified School District members: 82 Total Points: 9772  
Rank: 30 Team: HP Finland organization: HP Inc. members: 12 Total Points: 9426