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October 5 - October 26, 2022
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Kim Smith

PCC EcoPanthers


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Nourishing Food

Watch a Documentary about Food Sovereignty

I will watch 2 documentary(ies) about food sovereignty: the right of local peoples to control their own food systems including markets, ecological resources, food cultures and production methods.


Regenerating Nature

Spend Time Outside

I will replace 20 minute(s) per day typically spent inside and often with electronics with quality time outside walking, exercising, enjoying the sunrise/sunset, gardening, journaling, observing nature, or practicing gratitude for nature.


Regenerating Nature

Is Nature on the Ballot?

I will spend 10 minute(s) per day finding out what sustainability and nature-related legislation is on local and state ballots this year.


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    Kim Smith 10/26/2022 5:01 PM
    What a great experience!  I always benefit from being on an EcoChallenge team, but it was such a pleasure to have the broader team spirit of being part of our PCC EcoPanthers Team.  I am glad that two of my classes got to participate.  Really hoping that all of my students enjoyed the opportunity to shift their individual actions and collaborate in our collective impact.  Always so much to learn!!

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    Kim Smith 10/17/2022 2:45 PM
    I was reading emails when I suddenly heard the sweetest set of trills and whistles.  I looked up into a big tree outside and saw an incredible number of birds flitting among the branches.  Grabbed our spotting scope and discovered that a whole flock of cedar waxwings were visiting our backyard.  I was mesmerized!  What an incredible opportunity to step away from my computer and commune with nature.
    Nourishing Food Watch a Documentary about Food Sovereignty
    How does food sovereignty address the complex transition from localized food systems to modern global food systems?

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    Kim Smith 10/10/2022 11:10 PM
    We watched a variety of short documentaries, along with the longer film "Gather."  It was particularly helpful to watch this summary of the 6 core pillars of food sovereignty

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      Kim Smith 10/10/2022 11:22 PM
      It doesn't look like the video link is coming through properly.  Sharing it again:

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      Kim Smith 10/10/2022 11:17 PM
      1) Food for People; 2) Valuing food providers; 3) Localizing food systems; 4) Making decisions locally; 5) Building knowledge and skills; 6) Working with Nature.
    Regenerating Nature Is Nature on the Ballot?
    What ballot measure are you interested in following through this election cycle and why?

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    Kim Smith 10/05/2022 7:31 PM
    The Intertwine Alliance sent out an email today with their endorsements of three measures on Oregon ballots this November.

    Measure 26-225, the renewal of the Metro Parks and Nature Levy, will ensure continuation of an existing levy passed twice previously with strong support by voters throughout the Portland metro region. The levy funds restoration of habitat for fish and wildlife, maintenance of Metro parks and natural areas, and grants for programs that increase equitable access to nature. 

    Measure 34-317 will authorize a general obligation bond to finance capital costs related to trails, natural areas, sports fields, parks and river access. It's expected to include a new east-west trail corridor and public access point on the Tualatin River, new and improved sports fields, and parks improvements citywide.

    Measure 3-589 will renew a local option levy that funds the City of Happy Valley's parks and recreation services for five years. It will not raise taxes.

    Regenerating Nature Spend Time Outside
    What are the implications for a culture that spends most of its time inside and on screens?

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    Kim Smith 10/05/2022 7:25 PM
    There are social, emotional, and physical outcomes.  While social media does allow a lot opportunities for connections with others, we spend less time actually together.  While I do not feel like this affects me too much, we hear often about how lots of screen time can lead to depression and self-judgment if actually comparing oneself to others.  I usually feel emotionally and physically better if I get up and move and it is all even better when I can be out in nature.  It is scary that the healthy consequences are so dangerous with how sedentery we are with too much screen time.  

    I was so happy to get outside and spend some quality time with my chicken and garden.

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      Kim Smith 10/06/2022 2:18 PM
      Thank you for your response.  Yep, Inga is the last chicken from my second brood.  She is 9 1/2 years old and amazingly still lays an egg occasionally.  I tried not to treat my second set of chickens as much like pets as I did with my first, as I was heart-broken when a raccoon got them, but I don't want Inga to be lonely.  So, she gets lots of love, special treats, and cuddles.

      That is sweet that your cats can join you outside and you can all appreciate the beauty of nature.

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      Catherine Johnson 10/05/2022 10:43 PM
      You have a chicken? Does she lay eggs?
      Is that the reason you have her or is she a pet?
      It seems to me that if we choose to spend more time outside, we would appreciate and think more about taking care of our world. I spent my study time outside this past weekend. I have two cats. They were very happy to spend the outside time in their mesh tent with me. It was safe for them and fun for all of us.