October 2 - October 23, 2019



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
rank: 1 name: U.S. Bank teams: U.S. Bank teammates: 89 Total Points: 3762  
rank: 2 name: EcoChallenge.org teams: Community Team teammates: 55 Total Points: 3467  
rank: 3 name: HP Inc. teams: Rio Rancho HP BARCELONA HP Chongqing HP Inc. Dubai EcoStimulation HP GO GREEN HP PUERTO RICO HP Fort Collins HP WROCŁAW ECO HEROES Tarahumaras Ecologicos teammates: 46 Total Points: 2060  
rank: 4 name: Starbucks Coffee Company teams: Starbucks Partners for Sustainability teammates: 31 Total Points: 1467  
rank: 5 name: Idaho National Laboratory teams: EcoINL teammates: 25 Total Points: 1315  
rank: 6 name: The Hartford teams: coldshower The Hartford Environmental Action Team (HEAT) teammates: 22 Total Points: 1208  
rank: 7 name: Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN teams: GreENt RadOnc IT Team Evergreens Mayo MSS RST PMR EverGreens Mayo Clinic AP PRS Mayo Clinic Harwick 2 One Planet, Many Languages teammates: 21 Total Points: 1045  
rank: 8 name: Portland Community College teams: PCC EcoPanthers PCC SOC 228 teammates: 14 Total Points: 848  
rank: 9 name: City of Portland teams: BES - Pioneer Tower All Other City Staff Bureau of Human Resources Bureau of Parks and Recreation Office of Civic Life BES Water Pollution Control Lab BES 400 Building Office of Management and Finance Bureau of Planning and Sustainability City of Portland-Bureau of Development Services teammates: 14 Total Points: 836  
rank: 10 name: Mayo Clinic teams: DON Support Staff Mayo Clinic Green Committee Challenge the Support Unit (CTSU) teammates: 17 Total Points: 833  
rank: 11 name: Plastic Free Little Rock teams: Plastic Free Little Rock teammates: 16 Total Points: 747  
rank: 12 name: Save the Earth teams: Save the Earth teammates: 10 Total Points: 713  
rank: 13 name: CLEAResult teams: CLEAResult teammates: 11 Total Points: 676  
rank: 13 name: Nebraska Medicine and University of Nebraska Medical Center teams: UNMC/Nebraska Medicine LiveGreen teammates: 10 Total Points: 676  
rank: 14 name: TVA Architects, Inc. teams: TVA Architects teammates: 13 Total Points: 644  
rank: 15 name: Elanco teams: Elanco's Healthier Planet GDoP teammates: 10 Total Points: 588  
rank: 16 name: HP INC teams: HP Vancouver, WA teammates: 9 Total Points: 533  
rank: 17 name: KEEN FOOTWEAR teams: KEEN HQ KEEN UTILITY teammates: 10 Total Points: 531  
rank: 18 name: Washington County Sustainability Program teams: Washington County Oregon Employees teammates: 8 Total Points: 526  
rank: 19 name: Yost Grube Hall Architects teams: Yost Grube Hall teammates: 9 Total Points: 478  
rank: 20 name: Abt Associates teams: Abt Earthlings teammates: 9 Total Points: 463  
rank: 21 name: WildEarth Guardians teams: WildEarth Guardians teammates: 7 Total Points: 410  
rank: 22 name: Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance teams: NEEA teammates: 9 Total Points: 402  
rank: 23 name: Seneca Park Zoo Society teams: Seneca Park Zoo teammates: 7 Total Points: 394  
rank: 24 name: City of Gainesville teams: City of Gainesville PRCA Sustainability teammates: 5 Total Points: 392  
rank: 25 name: Multnomah County teams: Multnomah County Multco - Dept of Community Services teammates: 5 Total Points: 391  
rank: 26 name: Augustana Lutheran Church teams: Augustana Lutheran Church, West St. Paul teammates: 7 Total Points: 358  
rank: 27 name: Merrimack College teams: Merrimack Warriors teammates: 1 Total Points: 356  
rank: 28 name: NJ Department of Environmental Protection teams: SAGE EcoLogicals teammates: 6 Total Points: 355  
rank: 29 name: Carnegie Mellon University teams: Carnegie Mellon University teammates: 7 Total Points: 320