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October 7 - October 28, 2020



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

Rank Name Teams Teammates Total Points  
Rank: 2 Name: HP Inc. Teams: HP Sydney Riders Alishe HP CZ & SK OCTopus Santosh el grECO HP BeLux HP Boise HP Italy Chandan G HP Taiwan HP Finland HP Houston HP Bulgaria HPMM Malaysia recycleteam Blr CEM Team HP Barcelona HP Inc India HP Singapore HP Costa Rica HP Rio Rancho Eco - developers HP Dalian 2020 HP Guadalajara HP Netherlands HP PUERTO RICO HP San Diego - 2020 Green Team HP Fort Collins HP Shanghai 2020 HP Vancouver USA HP Washington DC HP Corvallis Site HPPK Ecochallenge HP Belgium EcoTeam Turkish volunteers HP Israel Green Team! 3DP ME Print Systems HP HR Global Services HP Tunis EcoChallenge HP Wrocław Eco Heroes Giving Back South Cone Forest Hill ECO Fanatics HP Inc ,Social media HPCSC Palo Alto Environmentalists HP Wallisellen Team HP Austin Employees EcoChallenge HP Sweden sustainability Superstars teammates: 1897 Total Points: 391925  
Rank: 3 Name: Delran Middle School Teams: Delran Middle School teammates: 213 Total Points: 51403  
Rank: 4 Name: Walgreens Boots Alliance Teams: WBA Bangkok Team WBA UK Office Shanghai Team WBA Ecochallange A WBA Ecochallenge B WBA Ecochallenge C WBA Ecochallenge D WBA Ecochallenge E WBA Ecochallenge F WBA Ecochallenge G WBA Ecochallenge H WBA Q&T Product Delivery WBA Packaging Sciences WBA Q&T Operational Quality WBA Health Analytics, Research & Reporting WBA Property and Store Planning WBA Payor & Provider Solutions WBA Q&T Regulatory, Product Safety, and Testing teammates: 210 Total Points: 49043  
Rank: 5 Name: KEEN, Inc. Teams: KEEN HQ KEEN Japan KEEN Canada KEEN Europe KEEN Outside Sales KEEN Utility Sales teammates: 151 Total Points: 45125  
Rank: 6 Name: Portland Community College Teams: Mimi's Team Team ESR 141 PCC EcoPanthers PCC SOC 228 - Environmental Sociology teammates: 121 Total Points: 33982  
Rank: 7 Name: The Hartford Teams: The Hartford H.E.A.T The Hartford Environmental Action Team teammates: 153 Total Points: 30929  
Rank: 9 Name: Susquehanna University Teams: Alpha Team Green Team Sea otters SusquFresh SU Sustainability Warriors teammates: 84 Total Points: 25328  
Rank: 12 Name: Teams: Community Team teammates: 379 Total Points: 21641  
Rank: 14 Name: Columbia Bank Teams: Rockwell Inc Columbia Bank teammates: 97 Total Points: 20681  
Rank: 15 Name: Comerica Bank Teams: Comerica Bank teammates: 147 Total Points: 17932  
Rank: 16 Name: Idaho National Laboratory Teams: EcoINL Keyes to Saving the Turtles teammates: 69 Total Points: 17406  
Rank: 17 Name: Hennebery Eddy Architects, Inc. Teams: Hennebery Eddy Architects teammates: 46 Total Points: 13513  
Rank: 18 Name: Washington University in St Louis Teams: Ecofamily Cocaine Hippos WashU Together The Coolest Group of People Ever teammates: 114 Total Points: 12984  
Rank: 19 Name: Mayo Clinic Teams: Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic - Kern Center teammates: 126 Total Points: 12214  
Rank: 22 Name: Oregon State University Teams: La Victoria OSU Sustainable Communities teammates: 53 Total Points: 11525  
Rank: 25 Name: Sacramento City Unified School District Teams: SCUSD Admin KCIA Green Team teammates: 83 Total Points: 9802  
Rank: 26 Name: TIG Environmental Teams: TIG Environmental - Seattle TIG Environmental - Portland TIG Environmental - Syracuse TIG Environmental - Bedminster teammates: 29 Total Points: 9642  
Rank: 28 Name: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus Teams: Environmental Studies 171 Fall 2020 teammates: 25 Total Points: 9094  
Rank: 29 Name: Neuqua Valley High School Teams: NVeco teammates: 66 Total Points: 8534  
Rank: 30 Name: Saint Louis Zoo Teams: Saint Louis Zoo Volunteers teammates: 27 Total Points: 8528  
Rank: 33 Name: Asheville City Schools Teams: Asheville High School teammates: 118 Total Points: 7579  
Rank: 36 Name: Harper College Teams: Bio104Fall2020 teammates: 14 Total Points: 5297  
Rank: 37 Name: Erstad Architects Teams: erstad ARCHITECTS teammates: 19 Total Points: 5243  
Rank: 39 Name: Western Technical College Teams: Western Technical College teammates: 20 Total Points: 4829  
Rank: 40 Name: Port of Portland Teams: Port of Portland teammates: 18 Total Points: 4683  
Rank: 41 Name: Walter P Moore Teams: WPM West Coast WPM Great Plains WPM International WPM East Coast teammates: 27 Total Points: 4125  
Rank: 42 Name: HealthPartners Teams: HealthPartners (Sustainability Department) teammates: 52 Total Points: 4106  
Rank: 43 Name: The Florida Aquarium Teams: The Florida Aquarium teammates: 22 Total Points: 4032  
Rank: 45 Name: Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) Teams: Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) teammates: 23 Total Points: 3768  
Rank: 47 Name: LRS Architects Teams: LRS teammates: 19 Total Points: 3615