October 7 - October 28, 2020



We’re better together. Explore the teams below that are committed to collective impact.

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Rank Team Organization Members Total Points  
Rank: Team: HP PUERTO RICO organization: HP Inc. members: 44 Total Points: 5151  
Rank: Team: Community Team organization: Ecochallenge.org members: 62 Total Points: 2684  
Rank: Team: The Hartford Environmental Action Team organization: The Hartford members: 25 Total Points: 1507  
Rank: Team: NVeco organization: Neuqua Valley High School members: 30 Total Points: 1300  
Rank: Team: Prairie Crossing Charter School organization: Prairie Crossing Charter School members: 30 Total Points: 1204  
Rank: Team: EcoINL organization: Idaho National Laboratory members: 19 Total Points: 796  
Rank: Team: PCC EcoPanthers organization: Portland Community College members: 16 Total Points: 788  
Rank: Team: Saint Louis Zoo Volunteers organization: Saint Louis Zoo members: 12 Total Points: 704  
Rank: Team: HP Corvallis Site organization: HP Inc. members: 14 Total Points: 621  
Rank: Team: WBA organization: Walgreens Boots Alliance members: 7 Total Points: 511  
Rank: Team: Palo Alto Environmentalists organization: HP Inc. members: 11 Total Points: 496  
Rank: Team: Comerica Bank organization: Comerica Bank members: 11 Total Points: 491  
Rank: Team: HP Fort Collins organization: HP members: 10 Total Points: 477  
Rank: Team: HP Vancouver USA organization: HP Inc. members: 9 Total Points: 442  
Rank: Team: Port of Portland organization: Port of Portland members: 9 Total Points: 441  
Rank: Team: Elanco organization: Elanco members: 5 Total Points: 430  
Rank: Team: KEEN HQ organization: KEEN, Inc. members: 8 Total Points: 403  
Rank: Team: Montessori in the Northwest and Beyond! organization: Cascadia School Montessori members: 7 Total Points: 377  
Rank: Team: monterey bay aquarium organization: Monterey Bay Aquarium members: 7 Total Points: 351  
Rank: Team: HP Finland organization: HP members: 9 Total Points: 333  
Rank: Team: HP Israel Green Team! organization: HP Indigo, HP Scitex, HP Israel members: 8 Total Points: 279  
Rank: Team: Texas Green Step organization: members: 6 Total Points: 273  
Rank: Team: Team Music City organization: DaVita Team Music City members: 7 Total Points: 267  
Rank: Team: Cleveland Clinic Sustainability organization: Cleveland Clinic members: 5 Total Points: 254  
Rank: Team: The Florida Aquarium organization: The Florida Aquarium members: 3 Total Points: 249  
Rank: Team: OUSD ECCL organization: Oakland Unified School District members: 5 Total Points: 227  
Rank: Team: Starbucks Coffee Company organization: members: 4 Total Points: 218  
Rank: Team: Team Wehr organization: Wehr Nature Center members: 6 Total Points: 201  
Rank: Team: RodeoFae organization: members: 3 Total Points: 201  
Rank: Team: Reinhabitors organization: The Head-Royce School members: 5 Total Points: 189