October 2 - October 23, 2019

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  • Addy Davidson 10/31/2019 8:37 AM
    THIS THIS THIS THIS:  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/greta-thunberg-nordic-council-environmental-award-prize-instagram/  THIS THIS THIS THIS

  • Ganesh R 10/27/2019 8:05 PM
    These objective measures help taking a conscious effort. then these become a habit over the time. Thanks for the opportunity
  • Reflection Question
    Transportation Walk Instead
    Half of all trips made in the US are three miles or less; 72% of them are driven. Do you feel that this fact applies to you? If so, how might you incorporate more muscle-powered transportation in your daily life?

    Ganesh R 10/27/2019 8:04 PM
    cycling helps me avoiding motor vehicles for shorter distances. doing it consciously
  • Reflection Question
    Simplicity Go for a Daily Walk
    Fresh air and movement are good for our entire being and can help us think more clearly and creatively. How does taking a walk each day affect yourself and/or your work?

    Ganesh R 10/27/2019 8:03 PM
    easily done with a conscious effort
  • Reflection Question
    Nature Do Nature Activities
    What did you observe while spending time outside -- through sight, sound, smell and touch?

    Ganesh R 10/27/2019 8:02 PM
    walking helps connect with people nearby
  • Reflection Question
    Nature Go for a Daily Walk
    How do you experience your neighborhood or city differently when walking instead of driving?

    Ganesh R 10/27/2019 8:02 PM
    This is easily done consciously making the efforts
  • Reflection Question
    Food Reduce Animal Products
    Why do people in richer countries eat more meat than people in other places? How does eating more meat affect our planet and other people?

    Ganesh R 10/27/2019 8:01 PM
    I have been a vegan since born. hence guess this would not be applicable to me
  • Reflection Question
    Community Volunteer in my Community
    What is one thing you can do to help your community become more sustainable?

    Ganesh R 10/27/2019 8:01 PM
    I could nt join as committed due to preoccupations. however I am committed to do so in near future for a lake cleaning activitiy
  • Reflection Question
    Energy Choose LED Bulbs
    Changing lightbulbs is an excellent first step toward energy efficiency! In what other ways can you exercise your civic duty to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions?

    Ganesh R 10/27/2019 8:00 PM
    I had been replacing the older incandescent bulbs and florescent tubelights as and when they fail. However this challenge period has made me replace 4 of them at a go! I have kept the older ones as backup and not thrown away. These will be used as temporary arragements when the LED replacements are warranted for.

  • anna ramirez 10/25/2019 9:36 AM
    From participating in this challenge, I learned how difficult it is to make small changes. The effort to participate daily was made so easy by the Ecochallenge scaffolding, yet was still difficult to squeeze some time from my already full schedule. I realized that for me to make positive changes to my life would require good effort. Using the ecochallenge format helped me and I am going to continue to use it as I strive to reach my goals.