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October 7 - October 28, 2020



We’re better together. Explore the teams below that are committed to collective impact.

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Rank Team Organization Members Total Points  
Rank: 31 Team: Environmental Studies 171 Fall 2020 organization: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus members: 25 Total Points: 9094  
Rank: 32 Team: NVeco organization: Neuqua Valley High School members: 66 Total Points: 8534  
Rank: 33 Team: Saint Louis Zoo Volunteers organization: Saint Louis Zoo members: 27 Total Points: 8528  
Rank: Team: Cocaine Hippos organization: Washington University in St Louis members: 68 Total Points: 8425  
Rank: Team: HP Barcelona organization: HP Inc. members: 61 Total Points: 8379  
Rank: Team: Advanced Learning Academy organization: Advanced Learning Academy members: 95 Total Points: 8362  
Rank: 37 Team: KEEN Outside Sales organization: KEEN, Inc. members: 19 Total Points: 8216  
Rank: 38 Team: Mayo Clinic organization: Mayo Clinic members: 108 Total Points: 8204  
Rank: 39 Team: HP Shanghai 2020 organization: HP Inc. members: 15 Total Points: 7959  
Rank: Team: HP Indonesia organization: Hewlett Packard members: 54 Total Points: 7885  
Rank: Team: Solutions for Sustainability organization: Duke Energy members: 23 Total Points: 7681  
Rank: Team: WBA Ecochallenge C organization: Walgreens Boots Alliance members: 14 Total Points: 7635  
Rank: 43 Team: Team ESR 141 organization: Portland Community College members: 28 Total Points: 7589  
Rank: 44 Team: Asheville High School organization: Asheville City Schools members: 118 Total Points: 7579  
Rank: Team: 420 East Ohio Apartments organization: Gerding Edlen Management members: 17 Total Points: 7437  
Rank: Team: Dukes of Energy organization: Duke Energy members: 23 Total Points: 7435  
Rank: Team: Parks and Rec organization: Washington University in St. Louis members: 64 Total Points: 7397  
Rank: 48 Team: Palo Alto Environmentalists organization: HP Inc. members: 37 Total Points: 7231  
Rank: Team: HP Tunis EcoChallenge organization: HP Inc. members: 22 Total Points: 7101  
Rank: 50 Team: HP Corvallis Site organization: HP Inc. members: 33 Total Points: 7087  
Rank: 51 Team: HP Bucharest organization: HPI Inc. members: 28 Total Points: 6961  
Rank: 52 Team: KEEN Utility Sales organization: KEEN, Inc. members: 20 Total Points: 6913  
Rank: 53 Team: HP Fort Collins organization: HP Inc. members: 30 Total Points: 6872  
Rank: Team: 3form Headquarters organization: All 3form Companies members: 48 Total Points: 6848  
Rank: Team: Uregina Faculty/Staff organization: University of Regina members: 109 Total Points: 6823  
Rank: Team: WBA Q&T Regulatory, Product Safety, and Testing organization: Walgreens Boots Alliance members: 11 Total Points: 6514  
Rank: 57 Team: HP Israel Green Team! organization: HP Inc. members: 54 Total Points: 6426  
Rank: Team: KEEN Canada organization: KEEN, Inc. members: 19 Total Points: 6399  
Rank: 59 Team: HP CZ & SK organization: HP Inc. members: 25 Total Points: 6012  
Rank: Team: Multnomah County organization: Multnomah County members: 57 Total Points: 6007